Survey for teen video creators’ study

Lana Yarosh, Tamara Peyton, and Beth Bonsignore are conducting an exploratory study to better understand how youth (13-18 years old) are creating and sharing videos online; specifically, those videos that they post publicly about what they are experiencing in their daily lives (personal narratives). For example, teens might create and share hair/makeup videos, “American Girl” videos, “Let’s Play” videos, etc. The study also involves surveying parents about their children’s video practices (e.g., are there rules they have for their children to upload videos; do they help them upload videos; etc). This research is formative: little is known about the ways in which youth create and share video narratives. The goal is to increase our understanding of the ways in which youth are participating in video sharing practices and to identify areas in which human-computer interaction design may support them better.

Please distribute the following survey link to all your social networks of family & friends. Thank you!!

The focus of this particular survey is on the parents of children/teens who create and share videos (on public sites).

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