Call for bids to host IDC 2019

We invite researchers working in the field of Interaction Design and Children to submit outline bids for hosting and chairing the SIGCHI IDC conference in 2019. If you are interested, please send your bid by mail to IDC conference coordinators Ole Sejer Iversen, and Chris Quantana The deadline for submission is 1. June 2017. We are primarily looking for non-European bidders for 2019 as IDC2018 will be in Europe.

Please address the following points in your bid (do not exceed three pages):

1. Clearly identify how you and the team who will manage IDC have been involved in past IDC events.

2. Briefly explain and clarify the relevant track record at the host institution mentioning workshops and conferences that the hosts have organized.

3. Specify the location where the conference will be held (describe the rooms and facilities) and describe how accessible the venue is including rail and airline links and proximity of hub airports.

4. Highlight the benefits of hosting IDC at your proposed venue and location for the IDC community as a whole. Explain how your bid will help IDC reach out to new attendees maybe industrial, maybe from another academic discipline and explain the unique aspects of the bid that will facilitate this outreach.

5. Identify potential sponsors, co-organizers and industry partners.

As IDC is a SIGCHI sponsored conference, please familiarize yourself with the ³SIGCHI Help Pages on organising a conference². The information can be found here:

The bid will be reviewed by the IDC conference steering group, which includes past chairs of previous versions of this event. Bids that are successful at the initial stage will require further development where we will seek to have some details of a proposed program committee and an outline of the budget. DO NOT include this in stage 1. The steering committee will select the host for IDC2019 no later than 1. July 2017. The IDC2019 host will be expected to announce the conference during the IDC2018 conference.

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