Seeking children’s input for Research & Design Competition @ IDC 2018

Research & Design Competition
Interaction Design and Children 2018

Child input deadline: 21 Dec 2017

For the first phase of the Interaction Design and Children 2018 Research & Design Competition, we invite children all over the world to submit their ideas and challenges for technologies that would help different groups of children understand each other better – What could the technology do? How would it work? What would it look like?

Inspired by these submissions we will create one specific research and design challenge for the members of the IDC community to work on and find some clever solutions for. Children who submit something will also be invited to judge the solutions that the IDC community has come up with.

If you are a teacher, parent, researcher, industry professional, or other person who works with children, please help us in reaching and supporting children in collecting their ideas and challenges.

For more information about the call and submission process, please see
or contact

Kiley Sobel
Chris Frauenberger
Research & Design Competition Chairs IDC 2018

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